A properly fitting mouth guard is of BIG importance to East Milton Dental!


Dr. Regan grew up playing men’s hockey and went on to Captain Colby College’s Women’s hockey team. She has worn her share of mouth guards and understands why many mouth guards’ spend more time tucked in the corner of cages or in gloves than in mouths! 


Wearing an over the counter “boil and bite” mouth guard is uncomfortable and even dangerous.


Studies have shown that wearing a custom made mouth guard fabricated by a dental office can prevent or greatly reduce tooth damage or loss, decrease jaw fractures, reduce TMJ problems and damage to lips tongue and cheeks. Preliminary studies have also shown that properly fitting mouth guards may greatly decrease the severity of concussions. 


A mouth guard only works if you wear it! East Milton Dental custom fits the mouth guards to make them as comfortable and non-obtrusive as possible. A custom fit, comfortable mouth guard that doesn’t get in the way of the athletes performance is more likely to be worn.


We also customize the guards with players names, mascots jersey numbers etc.


Mouth guards are so important to East Milton Dental that we make them very affordable to all athletes (patients or not) and all current patients get their first one FREE!



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